Karin Malm was born in 1996 in southwestern Sweden to her father, a former professional clarinetist, and her mother, a social worker with a good eye for literature. She along with her two younger sisters, was introduced to art at a very young age, a bond that only grew stronger with time. Karin has been performing since the age of eight, always with her musicality and passion for telling stories as a core. Karin is a flexible crossover singer and music has taken her all over the world. She has been performing on various stages in Sweden, Europe, Asia and Central America in both the pop and classical field. She is now taking the next step by working on her own artistry and original music. Her debut single will be released soon. She is thrilled to share her new music with you!

At the age of two, Karin received a beloved gift - a green skirt. It became her signum piece of clothing, as she already then was in love with the color green. The very stubborn child was determined to wear the skirt as she preferred; just under her armpits and therefore more like a dress. The problem was that the skirt was too short to cover her lower body and thus revealed the diaper, a style that wasn't used by many, but which Karin fully appreciated. This story is the beginning of the now 23 year-old woman who, as passionately as back then, still loves green - and who is determined to walk her own way.